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Flexible LED Flashlight & Laser Pointer  I got one of these in the mail and have been using it on my location shoots ever since.  It provides a nice even soft beam of light in just the area you need.  The laser pointer is handy while showing crew members where I'd like things placed.  The magnetic base and flexible head make it easy to set the beam just where I want it to be.
Two for $6.00 While supplies last!


Popper Stopper Pop Filter  These filters help cut down on the popping sounds created by hard consonants like "P" and "T" during narration.  You place them between the microphone and your narrator.  Includes filter, gooseneck and clamp.
Get two for $40.00 While supplies last!


Microphone Flags  These flags are a great way to show off your program, cable channel, or company logo! These blank white plastic  flags will accept your customized graphics. 2.5" square with foam inserts. They look great on our Avlex microphones! Why not get three for $45.00? While supplies last!   

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